Martin York 
 Parliamentary Candidate Congleton

Rooted in the Heart of Our Community: Living here for 15 Years 


I’m not just a name on a ballot; I’m one of you. With a proud residency of 15 years within our constituency, I've lived, worked, and thrived alongside you. My deep roots in the community are a testament to my genuine commitment to our shared values and the well-being of every resident.

About Me: A Bold Visionary for Reform


I stand before you not as a career politician, but as a battle-hardened business leader with a track record in the RAF, computer industry, and entrepreneurial ventures. My journey began as an officer in the RAF, armed with a master's degree in engineering, and I navigated the dynamic world of the computer industry—working for giants like Sperry Univac, McDonnell Douglas, Siemens Nixdorf, and NeXT computer, where I reported directly to the visionary Steve Jobs.


In the trenches of business management, I became an owner-director of a successful software business and later co-founded a thriving B2B sales and marketing agency. My career is a testament to my commitment to results, innovation, and strategic thinking—qualities starkly absent in the current political quagmire.


Political Awakening: From the Brexit Battle to the Reform Revolution


My political journey began with a resounding NO in Wilson's referendum and a longstanding allegiance to the Conservative party. However, my true political awakening came during the 2016 referendum, where I actively campaigned for change. In 2019, joined the Brexit Party, campaigned in the European Elections and was appointed as the PPC for Macclesfield but was "Transferred" to Wallasey in the 2019 General Election—defying the odds and clinching 3rd place against the Lib Dems.


Yet, disillusionment struck as the Boris/Truss/Sunak debacle unfolded, wreaking havoc on our great nation. Enough was enough. I donned the uniform of Reform and  have assumed the role of  Parliamentary Candidate for Congleton.


The Urgency of Reform: A Nation in Peril


Look around, and you'll see a political landscape in disarray, a parliament out of touch, and major parties stumbling in cluelessness. Since the days of Margaret Thatcher, our beloved country has spiraled from bad to worse. The Tories and Labour,  have failed us. They've dismantled our economy with taxation at a 70 year high, bloated the state, and left us yearning for the days when the UK resembled the nation I served in the RAF.


The time for incremental change has passed. What we need is a seismic shift, a root and branch reform that tears down the decrepit structures of the past. I pledge to work as a catalyst for this change. The Reform Party is not just a choice; it's a call to action. Join me in reshaping the destiny of our great nation. The time for reform is now.




Net Zero is making us poorer and colder. The only Net Zero we need is Net Zero Immigration


Energy Policy: Powering Prosperity, Not Poverty


Net Zero is doing more harm than good—making us poorer and colder. The only Net Zero we need is Net Zero Immigration. While the political world fixates on climate change, the UK, responsible for less than 1% of global CO2 emissions, needs a practical approach. The Reform Party champions a sensible energy policy, scrapping net zero in favour of securing our energy supply using our abundant natural resources and technological leadership.


Sensible Energy Solutions: Embracing Nuclear for a Secure Future


In my view, the key to a secure energy future lies in Nuclear power. Rolls Royce, a British powerhouse, has pioneered the Small Modular Nuclear Reactor (SMR), offering a local solution that generates power for approximately 2 million homes. Unlike renewables, Nuclear has proven reliability, and with SMRs, distribution costs are significantly reduced. It's time for practical energy solutions that prioritize our national interests.


Immigration Reform: A Fair and Merit-Driven Approach


The only Net Zero we truly need is Net Zero Immigration. Under the Tory government, immigration has turned into a nightmare. The Reform Party advocates for a fair, merit-driven system—one out allows one in for legal immigration. We'll put an end to the farce of illegal immigration with a robust approach, stopping the boats and dismantling the operations of vile people traffickers. It's time for a secure and sensible immigration policy that puts Britain first.


    Your Local Representative

"Putting Constituents First: A Pledge to Prioritize Your Concerns"


If elected, my commitment is clear: your concerns matter. In my eyes, the issues affecting our community are just as crucial, if not more so, than national matters. I promise to represent all constituents faithfully, regardless of party allegiance, with absolute impartiality.


Recognizing that politics begins at home, my priority as your MP is to be there for our constituency. I will establish a local office, open during regular working hours and every weekend, providing you direct access. Weekly surgeries will be held in diverse locations across our geographically extensive constituency, ensuring accessibility for everyone. 


Your concerns will be heard, and together, we will work towards effective local solutions. 




In order to make an impact  in the 2024 election I really would appreciate your help. Campaigning takes a lot of energy, canvassing, leaflet distribution street stalls and the like. The more people helping really makes a difference so if you can help  even in a small way please contact me at


Campaigning for reform requires resources, and that's where your support becomes a game-changer. I've established a crowdfunding platform to fuel our movement, and your contribution will make a significant impact.


Your generous donations will fund the production of essential campaign materials—leaflets, posters, and everything we need to amplify our message and fuel a winning election campaign. Your support is not just appreciated; it's the driving force behind the change we seek.



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